Your Own Custom Mobile App

Your Content Across Platforms - Notifications on New Content - API Integrations to Email Marketing Services

All of Your Content

  • Blog Posts from WordPress, Tumblr or anywhere with an RSS
  • Podcast Feeds from Libsyn, iTunes, Soundcloud or self-hosted
  • Videos from Youtube
  • Public Posts, Events and Shares from Facebook Pages and public Groups
  • Twitter, Instagram, Medium and more...
  • Multiple profiles per service? No problem!

Build your list with Prompts Designed for Mobile

  • Present CTAs/Popups on the Home Screen, in your Social Feeds or after an Action (like "tapped on blog post")

  • Each CTA can be associated with a specific list or campaign

  • Users are signed up directly to your email marketing service via API

Automated Notifications

  • New podcast, blog post or other flagged content sends a pre-formatted notification to your users - automatically

  • Don't make followers sift through Youtube or Podcast feeds to find your latest and greatest - let them know!

Social Cross-Marketing

Bring your communities together wherever they originated to see your best content. Have a Facebook Group but low engagement on blog posts? Large podcast following but few website visits? Instagram followers not in Facebook Group? Your new app is the ultimate cross-promotion tool.

Indexed App Content for Better Search Rankings

Most Google search is from mobile devices, where Google not only prioritizes content with web/app parity - but has created new types of results dedicated to mobile app content.

Customizable UTM Codes and Analytics

Customizable UTM codes and app analytics takes away guessing - know exactly how much traffic your new app generated and track through to revenue in Google Analytics.

The Top Spot in Search Results - Reserved For You

Sound (way) too good to be true? App indexing and deep-linking help Google and Apple index your app's content, and surface your app's content at the top of mobile search results (Google search, Chrome search, Safari, Apple Spotlight, Google Now) for users of your app.

AdrewHScreenShot (1)
The way I like to put it is, the answer should always be mobile first.
Eric Schmidt
Google chief executive

Works Great With All The Tools You Love

Connected to the most popular and powerful social and content services


Connected to a growing number of Facebook services, from Facebook Pages and profiles, to Groups, Events with Live Video coming soon.


WordPress posts in your app trigger notifications, prompting users to read your latest post on your WordPress site.


Not all blogs are on WordPress! We support the growing user-base of Tumblr so no content is left out.


Content visibility on Twitter and engagement is tough. Convert Twitter followers to your app so they start seeing all of your content.


Audio is powerful - So we support Audio and Podcasts wherever they are hosted - Libsyn, iTunes or Soundcloud.


Audio, Video, Posts hosted somewhere we don't support - RSS to the rescue! Anything in an RSS feed is available in your app.


Invested in Instagram content? Lot's of new opportunity here for marketers. Your new mobile app helps everyone see it.


Generating leads from Youtube videos? Your new app amplifies playlists and videos to all of your followers across social platforms.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

With integrated UTM tracking, you can see how many visitors to your website content are driven by your new mobile app.

Support for the Most Popular Networks

Support for article/blog content from WordPress and Tumblr, Podcasts/Audio from iTunes, SoundCloud and Libsyn, Images, Video, Links and Calendar Items from Facebook Pages, Events and Profiles, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Your App - Your Brand

Everything from the app icon to the colors, links and copy is completely customizable. Think of it like a bunch of wordpress templates where you control color, fonts, copy and many styling options.

Committed to Your Success (ROI)

Building a mobile app is expensive and complicated - but the opportunity for content marketers is too big to ignore. We are adding all the essential bells and whistles for driving leads and engagement - while doing the hard parts from you.

Get started with your mobile app today - live in the app stores in less than a week!